My name is Susanne. For ten years now I'm working as a freelance author and illustrator to bring the ideas of my clients to life. No matter if it's your favourite character or entire worlds you wish to realise in the mediums of art or fiction, I can help you realise your ideas!

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Feel free to take a look around, and contact me with all your questions!

What I can do

My services include:

World Building and Lore Writing, Script Writing (e.g. for Comic Books, Interactive Stories), Narrative Design, Revision and Expansion of already existing Lore/Dialogue/Scripts in both German and English.

All genres, with a focus on Fantasy, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Cyberpunk and Eldritch Horror.

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My services include:

Character Design
, Portraits, Illustrations, Cover Design.

All genres, with a focus on Fantasy, Science Fiction, Space Opera and Cyberpunk.

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