What are art bunnies?

Art bunnies belong to the rodent family cuniculus imaginarius and can often be found in creative surroundings. Once they have settled into the work space of an artist, they can provide them with boosts of inspiration and can so help to fuel their imagination!

What can we do for you?

artbunnyCREATIONS specializes in illustrations and concept art with a strong focus on character art and environments, ranging from SciFi to Fantasy and all genres in between. I use 3D modeling software like Carrara and Zbrush as well as Photoshop to create digital illustrations of high quality with a very unique style, for both private and industrial clients. If you want to learn more about me, my prices and the services I can offer, pleaseĀ contact me and I will happily get in touch!


I, MengskVerandis RavenwatchThe Watcher of Caed NuaGirl with a KiteDragon KnightCenturion IISith WarriorWhere the Eternal Sleepers dwellThe EngineerDark MageThe Red LadyThorag the BarbarianKeridwenBaerfried, the KnightEnter the GateA long forgotten dreamHalloween