„What are art bunnies?“

Art bunnies are imaginary rodents that populate creative surroundings. Their purpose is to fuel the artist with ideas, where each art bunny represents a single idea for a landscape setting, a character design or another piece of art. Luckily, art bunnies are as numerous as their wildlife counterparts - so once settled into the natural habitat of an artist, they continuously provide her with boosts of inspiration.

„Commission info“

artbunnyCREATIONS specializes in the creation of illustrations and conceptual art with a strong focus on character and environmental design. These works are used as editorial illustrations and promotional artworks by private and industrial clients. In respect to your projects, I have developed a very flexible pricing and licensing model to provide you with the best commercial solution for your specific purposes. If you want to learn more about my licensing and pricing model and the services I have to offer, please contact me with your questions.


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