Projects – what to expect!

In this folder I will present special projects in more detail, both personal and professional. All these projects will involve art, 3D modeling, modding and even writing to a varying degree, and I will use this blog to give you a more in-depth description of my work and hobbies.

CGTrader Competition Entries

I am now an official "Participant of the CGTrader Digital Art Competition", and these are my entries for the 'Character Illustration' section!

Wish me luck! :D

The Dead are back!

I've always had a soft spot for Zombies. Not only do they make for great and scary villains, they also live in such a wonderful apocalyptic world that it gives an author great material for stories to tell about humanity and the struggle for such under the most dire of circumstances!

So you can probably imagine that I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work on a German comic series called DIE TOTEN ("The Dead") which tackles the idea of a fictional Zombie Apocalypse in Germany, and it will be available in shops after October 13th. I co-wrote the story with my good friend Andreas Völlinger and it has absolutely gorgeous illustrations by Timo Grubing, so check it out!

Andi and I had so much fun and ideas working on the script that we immediately started to work on another Zombie story. It will have illustrations by the insanely talented Frank Freund and will get published next year, so stay tuned!

Recent Commission Work

Here are a few examples of commissions that I've done for various clients during this year. Mad scientists, mercenaries, Jedi knights... it was a pretty diverse bunch and a lot of fun to work on!

If you'd like to get a similar commission, contact me via this website and let's see how we can get you started!

One Freebie for the Season

Considering the upcoming season of dark mists and glowing pumpkins, I created this background image as a freebie to use in your own non-commercial projects. Just click on "DOWNLOAD", have fun with it, and if you use it for one of your artworks, let me know - I'd love to feature such art on my homepage in the future!


This background image can only be used for non-commercial projects!

The Divine Spark

A short while ago, I was involved in a German short film project called "Der Göttliche Funke" - The Divine Spark. The final scene of this medieval/fantasy short took place in the dungeon study of a powerful Necromancer. Since the team couldn't find a suitable location, the scene was filmed in front of a green screen and I provided the dungeon background with Carrara. For this project, I built a 360° version of the dungeon and filled it with a vast variety of props and different light sources. For the final sequence, I delivered 11 unique background images taken with 9 different cameras placed all over the dungeon to match all the different camera angles of the original green screen source. I also created the basic pentagram special effect in Photoshop.

Left - The 360° Dungeon set, Top View. Right - View of the Staircase, showing 3 of the 9 final camera positions.

Mirage Games LLC, developing a new MMORPG

Mirage Games LLC is a computer entertainment software production company currently engaged in the development of a next-generation fantasy MMORPG as well as innovative licensable software technologies.

I got involved in that project already during its early developing phase, contributing two pieces of environmental concept art of which one is currently used on the front page of the Mirage Games homepage.

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